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John Bullfrost 

John Bullfrost Cousins.
John Bullfrost Cousins.

Varmt välkomna till John Bullfrosts examensutställning på Galleri Mejan, Kungl. Konsthögskolans studentgalleri.

Mån–fre 12.00–18.00
Lör–sön 12.00–17.00
Vernissage fredag 8 april 17.00–21.00

Utställningen står mellan 8 april–17 april.

John Bullfrost:

The ship turned into a house and then the house turned into a mountain. 

Many years ago I wrote a poem in Swedish about a place that could only be visited in dreams. Maybe it was a place with no contrasts, a place where everything moved fluidly with no friction. The goal was to write a text about a positive place without comparing it with anything negative. When the poem was finished, it turned out to be a song. 

The lyrics described ships. Ships in the sky looking like eggs with a little entrance with stairs that led down to the ground. Falling in love with the image of these egg-ships and drawing them for many years made some of them feel dark. It must had been the result of doing the same thing over and over again without any big changes. The origin of this came from a bright place and not darkness. Why do they all have to be in the form of an egg in the sky? They don’t have to be ships. They can be houses standing on ground with the same entrance as when they where in the sky but other than that look different from one another. Once they got to the ground a new world had opened. They became other things like algae, mushrooms, cousins, and mountains.  

Those houses in the sand. Those sounds from this land. 

Those sounds that you make. Those sculptures you create. 

Orden från sandkornen. Språket som inte än fötts under solen.