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En utställning med verk av studenter från BFA3 på Kungl. Konsthögskolan. Curerad av Vinicius dos Santos och Ebba Birkflo.


Roda Abdalle, Victor Ahlén, Sofia Andersson, Neil Bhat, Ebba Birkflo, Tilde Björk, Niklas Breimert, Leona, Simon Dahlgren Strååt, Vinícius dos Santos, Viktoria Ekdahl, Gwen, Ellinor Hagman, Sophia Linderstam, Kristina Nenzén, Christopher Robin Nordström, David Permén, Josephine Thorsby, Hanna Tordai.

The point of departure for our exhibition ’RUPTUR’ at Ebelingmuseet is the need of experimenting and the concept of reaching outside. 

As a group of students who are starting to plan their Bachelor’s Degree Show for next year, the need to try out ideas in advance is fundamental. 

Individually, we work with a variety of techniques and practices. Often our work is influenced by our diverse backgrounds, ages and lived experiences. While testing out with what we do, we usually do not get to show that process. And because of that, some of these ideas never reach the public. 

That is why one of our focuses became trying out these ideas outside of school and to get in touch with the public outside of the Stockholm bubble. 

With the exhibition ’RUPTUR’ we will show what we have been experimenting with this year. That way, we can set a basis for our graduation projects and learn more about ourselves and our practices in the process.