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Soni Sagan

Varmt välkomna till Soni Sagans utställning prophet incentives//attention economy på Galleri Mejan, Kungl. Konsthögskolans studentgalleri.

prophet incentives//attention economy ~ contemp(t)orary fire worship in the expanded field of consciousness OR the art of RUINing everything is the second immersive iteration of impact site brought to you by the fictitious ATARi faith – or, whatever floats your arc, as they will say. The body of work attempts to carve out a space for revolutionary ideation from discarded collections, leftovers, trash and refuse, incendiary madness, chaosmotic storytelling, chronological collapse and the prolapsing cosmology of the solar anus. This body of transindividuated garbage attempts to compose a territorial refrain attuned to uproot precarian paralysis under settler-postmodernist poisoning; from the waste products of our values and beliefs, we are seizureing the means of subjectivation.

The gesamtkunstwerk ATAR Walk The Streets is equal parts viscerally lived research praxis and a work of speculative fiction, planned and performed in the year of our Land Lord 2020-2030 by artist/prophet/pariah soni(c) sagan – just as enlightenment dialectics and cartesian reason reach their limit state and descend into dementia. 

amoral conundrum
a tantric egg sprinkled with kellogg’s perma frosties
beauty standards after the death of god