The Propositional Studio

The Propositional Studio is both a real space and an imagined space, a place to speculate, be curious, or take a position, if only momentarily. A place to share new ideas and explore how to speak about them. A place for conversation, exchange and discussion, a context in which to figure out the questions you need or want to ask, in company. A place to encounter and elide the new, the old and the now. To explore what it means to be here together in this specific context, thinking, making and reflecting alongside one another. Formulating enduring support structures, figuring out our own idiosyncratic ways of working, whatever our work may be, individually, collectively, collaboratively. The Propositional Studio is what you want or need it to be.
The Propositional Studio’s foundational knowledge is grounded in the rhetoric’s of painting. Painting as  discursive, material potential, not fixed but contingent, something we can edit, re-direct and problematize.

A multitude of understandings

As a medium with the capacity to be both specific and ambiguous, to reveal and mystify, there remains a multitude of understandings and readings of its histories, current state and ongoing potential. The Propositional Studio works towards a critical, provocative conversation, where histories and potentials, both within and beyond painting (whatever that maybe), can be made visible. Where all participants shape the content, direction and nature of reflection, in support of a space where there is the freedom to experiment and fail. A space significantly to reflect with and through the company and critical generosity of your peers and to figure out how your thinking and making can meet the world.
The Propositional Studio takes the form of artist’s talks, screenings, workshops, reading group, studio, museum, archive and exhibition visits, and ongoing critiques with faculty and visitors.  It is open to all students, working in any medium or combination of mediums and seeks to promote an outward facing, critically invested community.
The Propositional Studio is run by Nadia Hebson, Senior Lecturer in Fine Art with a specialism in painting.

Recent visiting artists and curators to The Propositional Studio

Joy Labinjo, Santiago Mostyn, Jenny Richards, Cara Tolmie
Screenings: Outfitumentary, k8 Hardy
Texts: Lynette Yiadom Boayke Treatment For A Low-Budget Television Horror With A Working Title “Dinner With Jeffrey”
Kate Briggs This Little Art
Magalie Guerin Notes on
Ellen Lesperance Peace Camps
Natasha Soobramnien 5 Notes on Smarginature
Hito Steyerl In Defense of the Poor Image
Lynne Tillman The Madame Realism Complex