Ansökan till postmasterkurser i fri konst och arkitektur är öppen till 5/5 2020. Läs mer här

The Research Week programme is structured around presentations and participatory workshops to develop emancipatory, transformative artistic tools and critical discourses.
Artists, architects, scholars and activists taking part will respond to and propose Transitions and Transformations by using a range of artistic research methodologies and aesthetics. Their aim may be to operate within existing orders or to destabilize them, to re-route methodologies or to convey other scenarios, bodies and voices. Among many topics, they will explore what art can do in an era where the public discourse to a large extent builds on polemics that play with affects and emotions and when neoliberal shifts are involved in the ascendance of racism and fascism in official party politics.
Questions will also turn to the institution itself, by asking what are the different ways that we can work within environments of research.
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