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Malin Petersson MA 2018–2019. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

Find us

The Royal Institute of Art is located on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm. The reception is located on the entrance floor of the main building, Flaggmansvägen 1.

You can find Mindepartementet on Slupskjulsvägen 26 B-C, behind Moderna Museet. The Listening Room can be found on Slupskjulsvägen 30.

Visiting address and parcel delivery

Flaggmansvägen 1
111 49 Stockholm

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 16315
103 26 Stockholm


The main entrance is open Monday–Friday from 08.30 to 16.30
The reception is open Monday–Thursday 10.00–15.00. (Closed for lunch from 12.00–13.00)

Phone and email:

Phone: +46-8-614 40 00
Fax: +46-8-679 86 26

Contacting Employees

The Royal Institute of Art’s staff can be reached by e-mail:

For questions about the following areas, use the respective email addresses:
IT Support:
Student issues:

Social media



Press Room

The press room for the Royal Institute of Art can be found at Mynewsdesk. Here you will find press releases and images available for the media’s public use. The press images are free to use for editorial articles about the Royal Institute of Art. The photographer should always be credited.

For further information or questions, please contact the Communications Department.


Joakim Hunger-Carlson, Head of Communications (on parental leave)

Camilla Berggren Lundell, Head of Communications (sub)
+46 73 583 68 44


E-invoices only

The Royal Institute of Art receives e-invoices only. This is a requirement that applies to all state authorities. Note that a PDF invoice sent by e-mail is not considered an e-invoice.

Reference number

Invoices submitted to the Royal Institute of Art must contain a reference number (numbers only, without associated text) which the customer is to provide at the time of order.

Payment terms

Payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice.

Billing address

Kungl. Konsthögskolan
Ecit 2021002957
Box 7016
831 07 Östersund

Electronic billing

PartsID: 2021002957
EDI Address: 0007:2021002957
PEPPOL ID: 0007:2021002957
Operator: Kofax

The Royal Institute of Art do not have a GLN number.



We accept Svefaktura 1.0. We do not accept attachments and do not use reference checking.