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Sara Nielsen Bonde MA 2018–2019. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

About the library

The library at the Royal Institute of Art is located in the main building. Our collections reflect teaching, projects, research and other current activities. The collection is formed together with students, teachers and researchers. A smaller section of the library can be found at Mindepartementet. The selection of literature and periodicals is based on Mindepartementet’s focus on photography, moving images, digital techniques and performance.

Find literature

Find literature and journals and in the databases that the library provide.


Everyone is welcome to borrow from the Royal Institute of Art’s library. In order to do so, you must first apply for a loan card when you visit the library. The loan period is one month, and you can reserve books or borrow directly through our digital catalogue. Return borrowed books directly to the library or in the returns box found in the entrance to the Royal Institute of Art.

Students and staff at the Royal Institute of Art can also borrow material from other Swedish libraries.

Consult a librarian

Students at the Royal Institute of Art can get help learning more about searching for advanced information, plus tips on how to find books, articles, and other material by consulting a librarian. The librarian can also assist with the submission of dissertations to Diva. New students can participate in a library viewing, where we show how the library works and is structured.

The library monitors and buys literature, and we gladly accept purchasing suggestions.


The library at Kungl. Konsthögskolan is usually staffed on Mondays and Tuesdays 13.00–16.00, Thursday 13.00–16.00, Fridays 09.00–12.00.

Librarians are generally present on site, but feel free to book an appointment for assistance:

On Wednesdays, the librarian is working at the Art Academy’s library, Fredsgatan 12, from 13.00–17.00. Students and staff at The Academy of Fine Arts is also welcome to use this library.