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Alessandro Petti & Sandi Hilal: Architectural Profanations

Alessandro Petti, Professor of Architecture and Social Justice, and Sandi Hilal, Architect, featured in e-flux article on Decolonizing Architectures annual gathering and summer school in Sicily:

“The first building that was reactivated was the former Entity of Colonization building, which we renamed the Entity of Decolonization. The second was the post office, which we have turned into hostel, a place where students, for example, stay for free when they visit. The third was the former school, which is now used for exhibitions. Every time we gather, we try to physically renovate some of the buildings. But this has been a somewhat complicated process. When we clean and fix these building, we need to make sure that we are not simply restoring them as fascist architecture. Instead, we reappropriate them for different uses.”

Read the article here.