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MFA 2022 | BFA 2022

This year’s exhibition catalogue is now available online. The catalogue contains works of Royal Institute of Art’s BFA- and MFA students exhibiting during spring 2021 at Konstakademien and Marabouparken. It also includes texts from the exhibition group and the Royal Institute of Art’s collegium.

Exhibition catalogue MFA 2022 Royal Institute of Art (PDF, 11,6 MB)
Exhibition catalogue BFA 2022 Royal Institute of Art (PDF, 4,6 MB)

MFA 2022: Vargtimmen

Konstakademien 20 maj–11 juni 2022

Exhibiting students: Sanna Albenius, Astrid Braide Eriksson, Christine Dahl Helweg-Larsen, Sara Ekholm Eriksson, Elina Eriksson, Ellen Eurenius Hallgren, Mathias Höglund, Evelina Jonsson, Gurli Kruber, Emil Matsson, Mehregan Meysami, Karon Nilzén, Malin Norberg, Afrang Nordlöf Malekian, Hannah Nyberg, Sixten Sandra Österberg, Robin Rydenhov, Levi Sebton, Edit Sihlberg, Elinor Silow, John Bullfrost, tm, Erik Uddén, Simon Wadsted, Klara Zetterholm

BFA 2022

Marabouparken konsthall 20 maj–12 juni 2022

Utställande studenter: Viktor Berglind Ekman, Marcus Bergman, Sophie Brodsky, Moa Cedercrona, Leila El Harfaoui, Lisa Horn, Saleen Ife Gomani, Oscar Kaleva Karlsson, Nicole Khadivi, Johanna Kindahl, Elsa Leo, Fouad Mahammadie, Selma Morshedi, Dalia Omer Tapper, Alberte Skronski, Cilia Wagén, Isobel Whalley Payne, Elin Woksepp Åleheim

Excerpt from the catalogue:

This year’s catalog of the graduation exhibitions of the Royal Institute of Art, apart from a few exceptions, does not include a translation of the texts. This decision was made consciously by those responsible for communication, in order to stress the fact that a translation is not simply an equivalent of the original in another language. If it is a successful translation, then it is surely very close to the original. To produce this result, however, requires particular experience, as well as time and an understanding of context. Thus in the case of this year’s catalog the focus was placed on professional guidance in the composition of the texts, through Fredrik Ehlin, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, who supervised the BA students, and Natasha Marie Llorens, Professor in Art Theory, who together with the external Editor Orit Gat supervised the MA students. Through their guidance in the respective text seminars, it came naturally that the BA students wrote in Swedish, and the MA students in English, which furthermore, are the respective teaching languages of the educational programs.

Written by Silvia Thomackenstein, part of the Editorial Board for this year’s Graduation Exhibitions catalog, alongside Camilla Berggren Lundell and Joakim Carlson.