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OPI Lab: Open Door Session 7/3

Welcome to OPI Lab’s next Open Door Session on Thursday 7 March, 17:00–20:00, at Gröndalsvägen 1. The Open Door Session is a monthly format at OPI Lab’s storefront space, where the participants of OPI Lab (Of Public Interest Lab) welcome friends, neighbors, invited colleagues, and passersby to share an evening of food, drinks, and conversations.

OPI Lab usually offers food and drinks for free. At this Open Door Session 3/7, OPI asks those who can to donate 100 SEK to Doctors Without Borders with the message “LIV” to support their work in Gaza. Swish: 900 60 32

Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab is a laboratory and hub for experimental artistic and architectural practice-based thinking and doing. The Lab operates as an advanced course held at the Department for Research and Advanced Studies in Architecture and Fine Art at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

OPI Lab asks, in different ways, what is of public interest? – through working on and realizing projects for the spaces referred to as public. OPI Lab is interested in initiating and negotiating artistic values through a slow process of understanding (a) place/site/situation and the possibilities we have to contribute with something there.

If you are interested in applying for the advanced course Of Public Interest, and becoming a part of OPI Lab for the upcoming year (2024/25), the application period is March 5th to April 10th.

OPI strives to create a diverse community of individuals who work with a variety of approaches, recognising the importance of diverse backgrounds in shaping public spaces and fostering an open society. For the upcoming year, the goal is to assemble a multidisciplinary group of 16 professionals, including artists, architects, landscape architects, curators, and cultural producers, among others. OPI Lab invites those interested in actively contributing to a collaborative environment, promoting diverse languages, practices, and perspectives within an art and architecture laboratory.