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Rundgång 2021

The students of the Royal Institute of Art are happy to welcome you back to Rundgång, exhibiting the works of over 80 students in the school’s gallery spaces, private studios and common areas.

12–13 November

Opening hours:
Friday 15.00–21.00 + afterparty, see separate event
Saturday 12.00–18.00

Program for Friday:

15.00 Malin Arnedotter Bengtsson, “Bake off”, House 28 (back of the main building)
17.00 Moa E Cedercrona, “Conversation with a parrot”, Rutiga golvet (entrance level)
17.30 Vice-Chancellor Sara Arrhenius, opening speech, Mellanrummet (ground level)
17.45 Stella Dieden Richter, ”Akt 1: perfection in order / order in perfection”, Skulpturmodellsalen (floor three)
18.30 Stella Dieden Richter, ”Akt 2: att smörja är en försäkran”, Skulpturmodellsalen
19.00 Aron Fogelström, ”Wearing out Aron Fogelström”, Mellanrummet (bottenplan)

Program for Saturday:

12.00 Panel on Borgo Rizza
: long tables on 3rd floor 
Time: Saturday 13.11.2021, 12.00–12.45 (10 min introduction + 30 min collective reading performance + Q&A 5 min)
Participants: Alice Pontiggia, Silvia Susanna, Linnea Fröjd, Steffie de Gaetano, Sara Davin Omar, Sara Rossling, Peter Nylund, Francesca Gattello, Laure Catugier, Michelle Castro . Guest: prof. Alessandro Petti
Title presentation: Borgo narrations from the living room

Description: In this performance, we, students of Decolonizing Architecture, reflect on our physical or nonphysical experience of Borgo Rizza, the destination of the Difficult Heritage Summer School which we attended as introduction to this academic year. Borgo Rizza is a rural town built in the 1940s under the fascist regime by the “Entity of Colonization of Sicily”, an agency aimed at “reclaiming” and “modernizing” the south of Italy which was considered “empty” and “backwards”. Through the creation of a network of multiple ‘borghi’, the fascist regime attempted to control both the people and the landscape, implementing a form of internal colonization which for many aspects shared the same agenda of the imperial colonization. Through this performance of collective writing, we detach from the idea of primacy of individual authorship, learning to be in dialogue among each other. Collectively, we imagine what the futures of this place could be. How do we navigate the complexities of our external position, as artists, as architects, as curators, as urban planners, as photographers… in relation to Borgo Rizza

14.00 Second year students DAAS panel
Location: Performance room, 3rd floor
Time: Saturday 13.11.2021, 14.00–14.45 (10 min presentations of the collective + 10 min x3 individual projects)
Participants: Alice Pontiggia, Silvia Susanna, Linnea Fröjd, Steffie de Gaetano. Guest: prof. Alessandro Petti
Title presentation: What does it mean to decolonize? 

Description: The second-year students of the Decolonizing Architecture postgraduate will be reflecting on their collective and individual practices. The specific focus of the course was to reveal the relationships between modernism and colonialism, and to consider possible projects for architectural demodernization.

Rundgång is an annual student-run event taking place in and around the Royal Institute of Art, containing two days of exhibitions, performances, happenings and more. This year will be the fourth time RIA hosts Rundgång, exhibiting students of the Fine Art program and post-master courses as well as researchers. Later during the Friday evening there will be an opening party in the school’s “Valvet”, where you can buy refreshments in the student-run bar.

Rundgång 2021 is produced with the help of Sarah Heuberger and Amanda Ferrada.