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Exhibition series: Puente Piedra Gallery

An exhibition series in five parts with students from the Royal Institute of Art. The opening of the first show is on the 27th of October at 5pm.

“The exhibition series arise through a common need to stop and ponder what we do daily at the Royal Institute of Art. We need to put into words what we do, where we stand, and ask ourselves in front of an audience why we stand where we do. Through five solo exhibitions, five weeks in a row, I hope that we find the strength in looking outwards for a moment and immersing ourselves in each other’s work with the aim on returning enriched to our own practices. The ambition is to never settle down or solidify in our artistry.”

Puente Piedra Gallery is the start of something. It involves the composition of the participants, the production of the exhibitions and the co-curation of it. The location of Puente Piedra Gallery is at Grev Magnigatan 6. Where the next stop will be, time will tell.

Exhibiting artists:
Andrea Larsson 27-30/10
Tilde Björk 3-6/11
Sanna Håkans 10-13/11
Sofia Andersson 17-20/11
Niklas Breimert 24-27/11

Puente Piedra Gallery is an initiative founded by David Permén.