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En plats efter en annan

At Regeringsgatan 82, Stockholm.

Exhibiting students:
Senay Berhe
Hanna Nordahl
Elias Autio
Mio Nielsen
Oliver Amadeus
Ebba Rost
Hedvig Wijkström
Astrid Womack
Mattias Carlos Håkanson
Sebastian Lindén Helset
Josefin Ljungman
Wen Tang

We were offered a line of flight/leak/flow. Later the destination was replaced but our flight/leak/flow remained constant.

From one place to another she said. But we are Tetrapulmonata playing twister, not Ophidia playing hopscotch. Like leeches clinging on to and releasing from what we know; beating hearts, running taps and familiar surfaces. From one (another) place to another (one) place.