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The outdoor gallery: På Sergels torg

Welcome to the exhibition that brings together works by fifteen artists who met in the one-year postmaster course Materialities; energies at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Through their own individual artistic practices, each artist presents an approach to materiality as a form of energy and medium in an experimental and interdisciplinary manner. 

Materialities; energies presents different approaches to working with energy as a form of matter, taking it as an artistic medium and/or starting point for artistic investigation and creation. Matter can be transformed and transmuted, shaped and reshaped, purposed and repurposed; yet its energy remains intact. Employing multiple mediums, translating form, transducing energy, or just allowing the invisible to be channelled through the body, each artist attempts to reflect on and expand their practice. 

If materiality and energy are ever present, how does giving attention to such basic aspects of existence relate to sustainability and philosophical stances in our times? How could artists collaborate with scientists and/or use technological tools to reveal a universe which is beyond human perception? 

Since energy can take infinite forms to be perceived by different human senses, the works in this exhibition invite you to see, read, listen, think, move, remember, and imagine with them. Co-performing with all the matter-energy flowing in this public space, they invite you to experience:

Anna Pehrsson
Graphite drawings, 2023
⇻ @annapehrsson.modusoperandi

Anna Cherednikova
The Night Watch
Installation, 2023
⇻ @anna__cherednikova

Ariadna Mangrané
Print on paper, 2023

Desia Ava
Photographic print, 2023
⇻ Instagram: @onedesignspace

Elsa Gomis
Human Circulations
Print on polyester, 2023 

Jesper O. T. Andersson
Plato’s cave
Print, 2023
⇻ @jesperoscarthomasandersson

Katarina Elvira Gudrunsdotter
Installation, 2023
⇻ @katarinaelviragudrunsdotter

Korina Kordova
choreographic anarchiving: lithic
Assemblage, 2023
⇻ @koriskordova

Maria Meinild
Kirlian photograph
Print, 2023
⇻ @mariameinild

Peter Norrman
approaching a landscape
Print, 2023

Collage film loop, 2022
⇻ @peternorrman

Sanna Fogelvik
Magnetic Samples
Print of cyanotype original, 2023

3D-animation (loop), 2021
⇻ @sannolika

Susanne Fagerlund
Print on glass, 2023
⇻ @susannefagerlund

Theresa Traore Dahlberg
Red soil
Photographic print, 2023
⇻ @theresatraoredahlberg

Tova Rudin-Lundell
36,5 °C and Black Granite
Photographic print, 2023
⇻ @tovarudin

Tove Alderin
Vanish in Oblivion
Print on paper, mould, bone glue, apatite, 2023

⇻ @tovealderin