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‘Vdoma bez domu’

Ukrainian artist and student Anastasiia Pasko is exhibiting Vdoma bez domu
[eng: ‘At home without home’], in Mellanrummet at the Royal Institute of Art.
Until Friday 10th of February.

A couple of months ago, Kyiv’s sudden power outage forced a disconnection between Anastasiia and her parents – still living in the flat that Anastasiia left as the war broke out. Using ‘red string and memories’, Anastasiia’s doodle on a piece of paper became a life-sized projection covering 13,5 x 6m of walls. Each component of the flat in Kyiv reflects a space in the installation 

“The bedroom I used to share with my mother, my safe space, is now the most vulnerable part of the building, facing the window and the madness happening from the streets”

Anastasiia Pasko is currently an exchange student at the Royal Institute of Art, from the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (Kyiv).