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OPI Lab | Open Door Sessions

Open Door Session is a monthly fixture arranged by OPI Lab and an opportunity to share what OPI Lab is working with. Please feel welcome to join the discussions over some food, or simply a drink.

Of Public Interest (OPI) Lab is a hub for experimental artistic and architectural practice-based thinking and doing. It is hosted by the Institution for Research and Further Education in Art and Architecture at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. 

The lab asks, in different ways, what is of public interest? — through working on and realizing projects in, around, and in between art and architecture.

OPI Lab has two locations. One is at the Royal Institute of Art, the other is a storefront in an area of Stockholm undergoing significant development. This space is the locus for site specific work, and importantly, it also establishes a visible presence and commitment to a neighborhood.

The work performed at OPI Lab is closely tied to socializing with the surroundings and each other, as a necessary component of building ideas through conviviality. OPI Lab hosts a monthly Open Door Session as a public moment in the space offering food and drinks, discussing and sharing experiences with colleagues, friends, passersby, and people from the neighborhood.

Spring 2023: Open Door Sessions

11 January
8 February
8 March
5 April
3 May
30 May to 3 JuneOpen Door all week
Location: OPI Lab, Gröndalsvägen 1, 117 66 Stockholm
Tunnelbana stop:Liljeholmen, then a 5-minute walk, or tram to Trekanten

Please note the space is accessible by several steps. There is unfortunately no ramp or accessible toilet.

To learn more about OPI Lab and the Open Door Sessions, visit the OPI Lab Instagram account @opi_lab and the noticeboard in the storefront window at OPI Lab, Gröndalsvägen 1.

OPI Lab is founded by the artist Jonas Dahlberg and led together with curator and writer Jasmine Hinks. It is hosted by the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Visit OPI Lab’s storefront at OPI Lab, Gröndalsvägen 1, 117 66 Stockholm, or at the Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, 111 49 Stockholm.