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Soni Sagan

Through the Gesamtkunstwerk ATAR Walk The Streets (2020-2030), also known as contemporary fire worship or bootleg Zoroastrianism, my artistic work and lived experience are ( )holeheartedly devoted to studying flows and exchange rates between aesthetics, metaphysics, and ideology in chronological collapse (as in: now that the future has been canceled). This post-prescriptive vision quest revolves around the creation of a speculative faith-based system without any followers (but full of influencers, all-in-none) as a vessel for questions of existential urgency. The work seeks to uncover where and how aesthetics, metaphysics, and ideology overlap to overcode that thing we call reality, creating the values, judgements and plot holes that make it up.

My spatial practice has been defined by delicately assembling trash and refuse, packaging materials, slogans, lost objects, signs, and wellness technology devices in megalomaniacal systems. Hoards
of cultural artifacts charged with symbolic potency. Garbage immortalized, crafted as entities, composed to sing lullabies to this tender loving death machine we call civilization. Within this work, solo performances of method acting-invocation have grown to involve artifacts-turned-agents; vitalizing and unsettling space with animate waste, petroleum-based ghosts, and incendiary affect.

At this marketplace of suffering known to you as the white cube,
I am now spending . . . time . . . populating the body of work,
ATAR Walk The Streets (formerly known as ATAR Walk With Me) with (P)artysans. An urban landscape monocultured and domesticated at the invisible hands of fast fashion, modern labor practices, and other Swedish innovations. Cut. Ancient craft, dirty jokes, and revelatory hangovers. Curtain.

My little Sisyphus syndrome, wasting time resurrecting something worth surviving the apocalypse for from the cold dead prophet incentives of Ingvar Kamprad and his disciples in the attention economy. United in precarity, this body is our stage and the people to come are its story. Love forever, against the worldTM.

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