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Application process for the five-year programme in fine art

The selection for the programmes in fine art is made from work samples and interviews.

The Admissions Board to the programmes in fine art is different from year to year but always consists of at least four professors in fine art, two teacher representatives and three students in fine art at master’s level.

The first round of admission takes place in March.

All members in the first round of admission look through all the applications. At this stage, the members only see work samples and the applicant’s text. They do not see the names of the applicants or other information about the applicants.

In a number of steps, the members then discuss and vote until a smaller group of applicants remains. These go on to the second round.

The second round of admission takes place in April. During the second round of admission, an external member (artist not employed at the Royal Academy of Arts) also participates.

In the second round, the members look through the remaining group of applicants and decide who should be called for interviews.

The remaining applicants are interviewed by a small group from the admission board.

After the interviews, the entire admission board discusses what has emerged in the interviews and then jointly votes for the group they want to admit. Others called for an interview are ranked as reserves.

It is ultimately the responsible head of department who, on the recommendation of the admissions board, decides on the group of admitted and reserves.