Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden

Lending rules

Who can borrow? Everyone is welcome to borrow circulating material from the library.

What can I borrow? Everything except current course literature and the newest edition of a journal.

Can I borrow material from other libraries? Yes! Books not available at the Royal Institute of Art’s Library can be located from other libraries. This service is available for the Royal Institute of Art’s students, teachers and staff.

How do I borrow? First, you need to register as a library user, either directly in the library (bring an ID!) or through our local catalogue. Your librarian will instruct you in lending procedures.

For how long can I borrow library material? Lending time is 30 days with the possibility to renew a loan. You are responsible for the material you borrow during this time, and lost material will be fined.

How do I return material? Leave returned material to your librarian or in the locked shelf in the staircase outside the library.