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Information on the Covid-19 Pandemic

This year has been marked by the ongoing corona pandemic and most staff at the Royal Institute of Art continue to work from home to minimise the risk of infection. We follow the Public Health Agency’s recommendations and work should therefore be carried out at a distance, if possible. However, the recommendations no longer ask for all teaching to happen remotely, which means that we will keep the premises open for teaching during the autumn.

Closed to the public until further notice

The introduction of new students and practical aspects of the teaching, such as workshop activities and the students’ work in studios, will take place on site in the university premises. The teachers decide which other parts of the teaching such as lectures and studio conversations should take place online and which ones can take place on site.
The rules apply as long as current recommendations from the Public Health Agency remain in place. Should the recommendations be changed, we will return with adjusted rules for access to our premises. Janitorial and service centers will be staffed yet contact with the service center will be arranged as far as possible by email or telephone.  We do not allow outsiders in the university as it increases the risk of infection.

Protection against infection in the premises

Exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Gallery Mejan are carried out as planned, with restrictions to the number of visitors to the premises at the same time.
We always keep at least two meters away from each other and wash our hands carefully with soap and water while on the premises. Hand sanitizer is also available for personal hygiene.
Information about how many people can stay in the premises, hygiene, cleaning of tools and materials, etc. can be found in all premises.
Cleaning is carried out at the same intervals as under normal conditions and extra care is taken so that there is always soap and towels available and handles on toilet doors will be disinfected regularly. Cleaning equipment will be reviewed continuously.
In the workshops, disinfectant is available to clean machines and equipment after they have been used, deviations can occur where some machines cannot tolerate this treatment. Vinyl gloves and mouthguards are placed and should be used where appropriate.