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vision > dis-vision > en-vision

DAAS CINEFORUM V session at Borgo Rizza during the Difficult Heritage Summer School - Edition II - 2022. (Photo by Laura Fiorio)

vision > dis-vision > en-vision
Steffie De Gaetano, Alice Pontiggia, Silvia Susanna 

The projection of a film forces collision with and contemplation of natural and supernatural events. Conspiracy, myth, stories, facts and prophecies bounce off nonsense, desires, hallucinations and absurdities, however, through the sharing of different interpretations our dis-vision on a specific topic is provoked. The debate performs as an accelerator of en-visioned thoughts. By confronting and intertwining each proposition with another, we open up to new forms of understanding, mutual learning and expansion of knowledge.

DAAS Cineforum is a (mainly) digital place for collective experimentation, and a tool to investigate the knowledge that can be produced by watching and discussing films together. The Cineforum’s curatorial approach aims to explore its given topics collectively, embracing multifaceted possibilities for the demodernisation and decolonisation of our trajectories, especially within the practice of architecture. 

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The fundamental pedagogical approach of the course Decolonizing Architecture is based on the articulation of  sitesconcepts, and peopleEach participant is asked to choose a particular site, understood as a site of action and a site of knowledge. Concepts emerging from the research site provide a grounded theoretical approach to the practice. 

During the spring semester Decolonizing Architecture shares the concepts that informed this year individual and collective research.