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Sara Ekholm Eriksson

Welcome to Sara Ekholm Eriksson’s exhibition at Galleri Mejan, the student gallery of Royal Institute of Art.

Opening hours:
Opening Friday 11 March 17.00–21.00
Mon–Fri 12.00–18.00
Sat–Sun 12.00–17.00

Sara Ekholm Eriksson
’En vetsaga om metamorfosen’

At Ekholm Eriksson’s exhibition, you will be surrounded by an ecosystem in transformation. Where woods become transparent, corals are changed into stones, and fossils morph into artificial coral reefs.

The transparent wood is made by Dr. Céline Montanari at KTH, with whom Sara has been collaborated with.

The artificial corals are made of chalk, layers of old fossils, which have been re-modeled and transformed using 3D modeling and printing. These sculptures will later be planted as artificial coral reefs in the sea of the Swedish west coast together with the researcher Susanna Strömberg and the research group LIFE Lophelia from Göteborgs Universitet.

”A metamorphosis; a change in the process beyond shape and structure. Entangled in a new symbiosis, or an intrusion in a new habitat. It grows and morphs in the deep sea, fossils become chalk, chalk becomes sculpture and sculpture becomes coral. 

A paradigm in shape, material, and cause, with the purpose of getting a second chance. Down in the cold, in the dark, a redemption for us humans to cure our lungs, hoping for a future sea change. An attempt to survive, an attempt to become nature, to change our past, control our future, and to play God.”