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Decolonizing Architecture: First Year Final Exhibition 2021

First year final exhibition of the Decolonizing Architecture’s postmaster course at Casa Punto Croce, Venice.

A short film presenting findings from the first year final exhibition of the Decolonizing Architecture postmaster course at Casa Punto Croce, Venice, 18–23 May 2021.

The specific focus of the the 2020-2021 course was to unmask the connections and relations between modernism and colonialism, and to speculate on possible projects of architectural demodernization.

Casa Punto Croce is a multidisciplinary cultural home project making waves in the Venetian independent scene since 2012. Its secret location, queer approach and interdisciplinary transactional happenings, made for and by locals, have throughout the years attracted folks, students, professors, contemporary and less contemporary artists and poets, researchers and performers from all over Italy and abroad.

– Triggered by un-commissioned inhabitants, the undomesticated homes are spaces of knowledge and culture production by disrupting the modern agenda of domesticated life, giving space to a specific community in search of a shelter and, channeling its production far from the aggressive global corporate capitalism logic.
Silvia Susanna

– In search of alternative or abolished urban planning, an anarchist politician on the city planning board navigates and negotiates mutual exclusivity, confusion, and incongruity by finding comfort and coherence in queer space, exploring the potential of liberation and practice of its enactment.
Mikaela Britt Karlsson

– Cadmium contamination has permeated into the river linking environmental degradation in the Netherlands to colonial land dispossession in Emu Foot Province. Through chromatography, a permeating and collaborative mapping of polluted river soils is visualized.
Steffie de Gaetano

– A mesological research regarding prehistoric communities in lower Valtellina has generated a sound piece and a workshop on recosmization, which works with rhythmicity and bodily presence.
Alice Pontiggia

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