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Evelina Lindström

A warm welcome to Evelina Lindström’s exhibition Rain is tear shaped water at Galleri Mejan, the Royal Institute of Art’s student gallery.

Vernissage: September 15 September kl 5-9 pm
Exhibition period: 16-24 September
Open all days 12-6 pm

Rain is tear shaped water

Imagine a dark room where everything is still.

We light a candle. It can be out of joy or sadness, or just to be able to see better. In the light of the candle, the room takes on color and shape, a beginning and an end. Different candles have different burning times, the candles of joy (cake candles) burn for a short time, while the mourning candles (grave candles) burn for a long time. My candle burns forever. When we die, it is said that the last sense that leaves us is the hearing. In the past, professional mourners could attend funerals in order to take responsibility for the collective grief through their lamentation. They could help the bereaved to get close to their grief and dare to let it out.

In the borderland between life and death, all humans are born.

The Light carriers are made of clay and come with comfort. The mourners have holes in their eyes and room for water in their head bowls. The water turns to tears as it drips and flows out. The tears are pumped around in an eternal cycle, the mourners cannot stop crying.