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What to include in your application for the Master’s program

Step 1

In, you upload documents to show your basic eligibility for master’s studies.

If you have a Swedish bachelor’s education in fine art, these grades are already in the portal. If you have a degree in fine art from another country, they must be uploaded here.

If you are currently attending a program in fine art with an expected degree before autumn-22, you can be conditionally accepted pending your degree. You will then need to supplement with proof that you have taken your points before the autumn term begins.

If you have another bachelor’s degree or do not have a bachelor’s degree but have other experience that you consider corresponds to a bachelor’s degree in fine art, you must apply for real competence. You then need to upload all the documents that you want us to include in the assessment.

Step 2

In our application portal, you upload work samples and text.

Work samples

  • You must upload 6-8 work samples, such as paintings, drawings, photographs, graphics, objects, sculptures, videos, etc. Each work sample can contain up to 5 images.
  • Each work sample must show one (1) work. What you count as a work is up to you. A work can be a painting or a sculpture that you choose to display with one or more images (up to five), such as overview images, close-ups, installation images. A work can also be several images that belong together or photos that are, for example, an account of an installation, a performance or still images from a video next to the video.
  • If you have films or video works longer than 3 minutes, you also need to upload a short trailer of 1-2 minutes of the complete work.
  • Accepted file formats for movies are MOV, MP4 (MPEG4) or AVI, max 45MB / min, however no more than 2GB / movie, JPG for picture and MP3 for audio (2 channel stereo is used during recording but there is a possibility for 7.1 channel audio).

The application can only be made on your own merits. If you work collectively, you need to specify what is your part / your task / your contribution to the work.

An attached link to a website is not accepted!

You must also enter the works

  • dimensions (size)
  • material
  • playing time (about moving images)
  • year when you did the work (year of creation)

You can also choose to write a short description of each work. You should do this in the field for description, not directly in the pictures of the work sample.


You must also write a personal text for your application. The text should be in English and give a description of your artistic direction and focus. In addition, it may contain reflections on the submitted work samples. You can also supplement the English text with a Swedish version.