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Emma Kihl

Emma Kihl (PhD-ongoing Comparative Literature Södertörn University, MFA the Royal Institute of Art) supervises and teaches writing in the Text area. She is mainly responsible for the MA-essays.

Emma started as a graphic designer before the graduated in Fine Art at the Royal Institute of Art and in Comparative Literature at Södertörn University. During 2011-2013 she ran the Swedish Research Council founded artistic research project A4-arket. During 2011-2015 she worked as the PhD-coordinator at The National Research School. Since 2017, she has been writing her PhD-thesis on how reading and writing practices can involve a broader pluralistic world. Emma is also a member of the research group Agentur that during 2018-2021 ran the project The Aesthetics of the Popular Fronts She is foremost involved in questions that concern ecological interdependencies.