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Fredrik Ehlin

Fredrik Ehlin is Senior Lecturer in Artistic Writing, higher education leader and editor.

Fredrik Ehlin has been working at the Royal Institute of Art since 2011. Between 2011–2016 he established writing as a subject matter at the university by developing and supervising the master essay as part of the master’s degree work. From 2016 onwards he has been part of the management of the university, mainly as Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Fredrik Ehlin is usually working as an editor in long-term projects together with artists. Editing as a specific approach to all kinds of meaning-production within practices of art holds a central position no matter if it is about the experiment magazine project Geist ( together with Andjeas Ejiksson and Oscar Mangione, 2006–2011), the text and video project Järva project (with Patrick Kretschek and Erik Rosshagen, 2008–2012), the publishing project Fog Friend Font: Ways of Doing Multilingual Sense (2013–2019) or the gardening and publishing project A square one: culture heritage (2014–2035) focusing on the relation between oblivion and production relative to the suburban residential areas around the green field Järva where Ehlin grew up.

Now, Ehlin is editing his notes aiming at a monography in Educational Sociology focusing on the development of higher art education in Sweden from 1993 till today. Closer in time an essay will be published on the first years’ work on the master essay.