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(decolonial) aestheSis

Peter Nylund
(decolonial) aestheSis

“What histories are hidden, forgotten, and untold in monuments? Investigating the Gothenburg city waterfront, I found traces in public monuments that led me to unravel a story about how Sweden managed to manufacture itself as a good colonizer, in order to both save face and set itself apart from its European counterparts in the mid-twentieth century.”

The performance lecture The French Plot, the Delaware Monument, and the making of the good colonizer, is the starting point for a city-walk unveiling how Gothenburg’s colonial history plays out in the present. In response to the city walk, young summer workers produced artworks for the exhibition Göteborg: Nu, Då, Snart

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The fundamental pedagogical approach of the course Decolonizing Architecture is based on the articulation of  sitesconcepts, and peopleEach participant is asked to choose a particular site, understood as a site of action and a site of knowledge. Concepts emerging from the research site provide a grounded theoretical approach to the practice. 

During the spring semester Decolonizing Architecture shares the concepts that informed this year individual and collective research.