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Camila Marambio at Venice Biennale 2022

The Chilean pavilion representing Chile at the 59th Venice Art Biennale is hosting the collective and interdisciplinary project Turba Tol Hol-Hol Tol, curated by Camila Marambio. Turba Tol Hol-Hol Tol is a collective project illuminating a wet fiction, an experimental path towards conserving the peatlands of Patagonia. It brings together a multidisciplinary team of Chilean creatives: Ariel Bustamante, sound artist, Dominga Sotomayor, filmmaker, Carla Macchiavello, art historian, Alfredo Thiermann, architect and Juan Pablo Vergara, management as well as scientists, indigenous activists, and other multinational collaborators.

In February 2022, Camila Marambio and Ariel Bustamante hosted a sound experiment workshop at Lyssningsrummet at the Royal Institute of Art linked to the Turba Tol Hol-Hol Tol

Since February 2021, Camila Marambio has been a postdoc fellow of The Seedbox: A Mistra Formas Environmental Humanities Collaboratory, tracking the traces of environmental change, exploring emergent ecologies, at Linkoping University, hosted by the Royal Institute of Art.

Artist, curator and writer Camila Marambio is the Royal Institute of Art’s first postdoc fellow. As part of her research and writing process, Camila creates situations for herself and her collaborators from across the globe to discuss, perform and further explore their crossing overs in relation to the study of vitality, mortality, aging, and cancer.