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First Year Exhibition

First Year Exhibition.
First Year Exhibition.

A first-year exhibition. In these rooms stands, hangs, plays, a collage of our heritage in the works. We come from Hofors, Stockholm, Västernorrland, Brazil, a farm and many other places. We have parents who said that either the child became a painter or a poet, we have families without an artistic background. Next to us is the sorrow over what has not yet happened. And what has already happened. We say: Ingela, what a pingela lala.

We came to Mejan in search of context, to have a studio, to expand timelessly, to see the ambiguity between shaper and that which is shaped. We are here because for some reason it is important to us, to be able to do exactly what we feel for the day. Body-memory, places, and time. Here the legacy of the ironworks is woven together, with mistranslations, and, with what has been taken care of.

28–30 January

Kungl. Konsthögskolan: Mellanrummet, Skulpturmodellsalen, Rutiga golvet & Ramverkstaden.