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Johanna Kindahl

Varmt välkomna till Johanna Kindahls examensutställning mid-signal på Galleri Mejan 27 januari – 4 februari, med öppen vernissage 26 januari kl 17-21.

Johanna Kindahl:

The signal bridges the spatial distance between the sender and receiver, although there is an uncertainty where what is being sent is not exactly what is being received. In this intermediate state before the signal is entirely received, something is lost or gained. In this gap there are still different possibilities of meaning. The sculptures in the exhibition take different strategies for communication as a starting point.

A semaphore is a device to transmit a visual signal over distance. The word semaphore comes from the Ancient Greek σῆμα (sêma) ’sign’ and -φέρω (-phero) ’-bearer’, meaning ’sign bearer’. In a flag semaphore, flags are being adjusted into different positions. The message is read when the flag is in a fixed position.

Pennons are long, narrow flags that are larger at the hoist than at the fly. The word derives from the Latin word ’penna’ meaning feather or wing.

Butterflies use two ultraviolet signals on their wings, UV reflectance or absorbance as a communication system. In the Eurema lisa butterfly a small portion of the wing is being UV reflective in only a specific range of angles, shifting depending on the angle of observation.

Nectar guides are a form of markings or patterns on the flower petals, leading the pollinations to the reward. The nectar guides sometimes reflect UV light, as a way to attract attention to the specific location.

A beacon is a light device designed to attract attention to a specific location. The fixed point can be used to navigate around obstacles or into port.