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Emil Kjærnli

Delving into philosophy or theory seems like a path for the wise and I have never met an artist who is wise. We simply want to be seen and heard and never die. Having dabbled in carpentry before surrendering to art, I wield both the tools of construction and deconstruction. The act of shooting myself in the conceptual foot becomes an intentional unravelling, a rebellious stance against the notion that artists possess an inherent understanding of their craft. One does not need to understand everything one does. 

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Disappearing Grasp (2024) Wax and wood
Soda Sacrament (2023) Coca Cola bottle, found object and epoxy Barn Wall (2024) Red painted wood panel, 240 × 420 cm
Devotion (2024) Movie, 60 min
Barn Wall (2024) Red painted wood panel, 240 × 420 cm | Felled legacy (2024) Wood and panel oil, 55 × 90 × 185 cm | Disappearing Grasp (2024) Wax and wood