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Isadora Israel

The concept of the intermediate, embodying a link between movement and stillness, is the heart of metaxy, a term derived from Greek to describe this in-between state of existence, where the very nature of desire thrives within specific boundaries that shape it. Within this transitional space, I confront displacement and vulnerability, navigating unfamiliar circumstances through the duality inherent in limitations. The skin emerges as a membrane, cradling the essence of selfhood amidst life’s tumultuous currents, while the cornea, functioning as the eye’s outermost layer, refracts and focuses light onto the retina and enables the perception of the external world. Simultaneously, they act as boundaries between inner and outer vision or sense perception, an interplay between introspection and external observation. 

I am fascinated by images that go beyond mere representation, the balance between inner vision and external reality. The grid serves as my structural basis, allowing for the coexistence of scientific and spiritual values within consciousness. Traced to the historical exploration within the study of physiological optics, the grid also indicates how light behaves in continuous fields. It serves as a tool, emphasizing the distinction between perception and surface appearance. In my work the grid represents a combination of transparency and opacity—a porous shield. Windows allow light to enter, symbolizing enlightenment or spirit, but they also reflect, trapping the self within its own mirrored existence. The grid segregates the image from language, safeguarding its visual integrity while emerging as a visual metaphor. It expands outward and maps the space inward, acting as both an emblem and a myth, managing contradictions by concealing and revealing them simultaneously. 

Each limit I encounter stands as a silent sentinel between worlds—imposing yet inviting. Like the wall between two prison cells being the separator and the means of communication. Every separation is a link.  

Bildgalleri, rulla i sidled för att se bilder.
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Beholder (detail) (2024) Expanded metal, parchment, aluminium and warp thread
Installation view from Metaxy, Galleri Mejan (2024)
Cornea III (detail) (2024) Graphite pencil on paper, 145 × 115,5 cm
Cornea I (2024) Graphite pencil on paper, 55 × 48 cm