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Leila El Harfaoui

Anti:Dote 528 Hz

Can art change the world? Can my art positively impact the morals and ethics of human beings?   

My practice is multidisciplinary, and I find inspiration in art, technology, science, and society. Sometimes I sense noise or disturbances in the world around me which inspire me to create art, mostly conceptual. Sometimes I am the disturbance.   

This work is a playful experiment on how art can enable viewers to reflect on their own morals and ethics. Since all matter constantly vibrates, including human beings, imagine that thoughts and feelings are vibrations as well. If so, can these vibrations be changed and with them, our thoughts and feelings?   

I started by making paintings about the negative vices envy, wrath, greed, pride, sloth, lust, and gluttony, I mentally projected my ideas about the characteristics of these vices to generate vibrations onto the colors and the canvas. I then left the paintings for 24 hours to evolve without any observation or vibrations from me. I then created the Anti:Dote 528 Hz oil painting. To calibrate myself to generate calming vibrations, I made the painting while listening to the Solfeggio 528 Hz frequency, which is believed to have positive effects on the body and mind.  

Then, using ChatGPT, I programmed an online survey which helps the viewer get their vibrations going to reflect on own morals and ethics. These initiated vibrations then get calibrated as the viewer steps into the “human calibrator,” which is an installation where the viewer stands in a small room with the sound of mixed frequencies portraying a dance between light and dark, where the light is the Solfeggio 528 Hz frequency.   

So… Can art change the world?    

The answer lies in the viewer’s vibrations.   

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Anti:Dote 528 Hz (2024) Oil on canvas 160 × 135 cm
Installation view from ANTI:DOTE 528 HZ, Galleri Mejan (2024)
Quiz–Moral & Ethics (2024) QR code that leads to the survey
Installation view from ANTI:DOTE 528 HZ, Galleri Mejan (2024)
LOTH – Lättja (2024) Acrylic and oil on canvas, 160 × 125 cm