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Sofia Zwahlen

I am interested in knowledge-creating, occupied by the way science establishes facts and communicates information. Physics has always been particularly fascinating to me: how it tries to explain some of the most abstract forces we only can register the effect of both hurts and tickles my mind. Attempting to understand these phenomena often leaves me with a vague idea of bodily movement as translation. I create as a way of trying to understand the structures of the world we live in. 

I have been taught that there is a clear division between myself and everything around me, that “I” ends at my skin and that humans differ from the rest of the world, separated by consciousness. Though I am drawn to standard logical thinking, with clear structures and proven facts, which makes me feel calm, I disagree. I have a hard time with absolute truths. My tendency to lean toward clarity is connected to a feeling of responsibility, to be distinct and easily understood by others. Yet I yearn to blur the edges between myself and my surroundings. I imagine this could lead to a greater sensibility that could help bring other realities to light.  

I often see my sculptures as swollen bodies with thick skin that still, in my perception, merge with the room, with each other. They lean and find support, occupy and affect the space they are in, just like the bodies that are there to meet them. I put a lot of trust in that physical encounter, in the knowledge that is created in the meeting between different bodies. 

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När pannan möter väggen / When the forehead meets the wall (2023) Reed, wire and glass
Titellös och Vinden / Untitled and The Wind (2023) Wood, metal, ball bearings and leaf blower
Installation view from Vilken tid att vara naiv, Galleri Mejan (2023)
Handen / The Hand (2023) Natural dyed cotton, metal and concrete Spända käkar / Clenched jaws (2023) Wood and metal