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Annika Larsson: Alien Laughter

At the Royal Institute of Arts’ Lyssningsrummet/Listening Room, 17 May 19:00–20:30 as part of World Academic Forum 2022.

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’Alien Laughter’ is a collaborative project between Robin Hayward (Tuba Player, Composer), E.I The Blob, Daniel M Karlsson (Composer) and Annika Larsson (Time-based Artist).

What are the challenges for working together across human-non-human boundaries? How could moving, vibrating, laughing bodies and images, as non-human and non-conscious agencies, challenge our notion of human agency and lead us to other places of power where meaning and matter are intra-twined? What new forms of collaboration emerge when we re-situate ourselves as spontaneously responsive, moving, embodied living beings?

The Concert Lecture ”Alien Laughter” invites scientists, musicians and artists to a multi-layered conversation with the digital interactive image-organism E.I. The Blob. Interested in communication that goes beyond instrumental language, subjectivity and reason, the event sets out to explore laughter beyond human laughter, as well as ways to open up the presumed closeness and predictability of digital machines and systems towards more unknown protocols that allow for spontaneous movement and change. Inspired by theories of quantum physics, the transformational powers of matter in vibration will here be enacted and explored with voice as well as digital and analogue sounds.