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Materialities – Coordinates: Translating Form

This course is a one-year extension of the post-master course Materialities. Here, participants deepen and explore the transition between materiality and immateriality through digital and analogue technologies.

The intuitive, immediate idea we have of what spatiality is depends on a certain notion of immateriality: the gaping void through which objects and bodies appear, but which appears in our imagination as neither object nor body. In that sense, it is like virtual reality. 

The idea of the physical room as a flowing background against which various disruptions take the form of figures (a river, a hill, a distinct tree…) may well have been the first cultural distinction made between figure and background in relation to the relationship between subject and object. How something is mapped becomes crucial to how we represent our relationship to the world, through a series of related coordinates with relative positions, which are scalable and therefore separate from our immediate perception of them. 

All technology related to 3D-scanning and -printing, motion capture-related effects, and VR-generating software – as well as the creation of sound landscapes and projection-mapping – rely on this basic principle concerning how points are interconnected in an abstract space and can be scaled, in everything from the graphic representation of an idea to the construction of an immersive environment. 

This course is intended primarily for students who have passed the Materialities course, or those who can otherwise demonstrate an equivalent knowledge with regards to the course and its scope. This includes basic programming of photogrammetry, 3D scanning and printing, multichannel audio, Unity, Isadora projection-mapping and an understanding of the principles of how mechatronics, AR, and VR can be used. 

Practical information

Second cycle, 60 credits, 100%
Language: English
Course coordinator: Åsa Andersson Broms
Starts: September 1, 2020
Ends: June 6, 2021

Eligibility Requirements

60 credits from the course Materialities – Coordinates: Translating Form or from a previous course in Materialities, or comparable qualifications
Prior learning gained through other relevant education and professional experience.


Letter of motivation, CV, and portfolio of work samples, or other documentation that demonstrates the knowledge required. A total of five work samples must be submitted.


The last registration date was May 5, 2020.